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Join Mervin, a seasoned guide, on a memorable journey through St. Lucia's natural treasures. From the iconic Gros and Petit Pitons to the towering Mount Gimmie and the lush rainforests of the Edmund Forest Reserve. A personalized experience tailored to your pace and interests.

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    February 2023 Gros Piton

    I must plug our guide, Mervin the Mountain Goat! He was awesome! He kept things lively and fun, but most important - he was patient with me. We saw many guides far ahead of their group/not engaging. I highly recommend snagging Mervin if you can. I think he really loves Petite Piton, but does the Gros too.

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Hi there! I'm Mervin, also known as 'Mervin the Mountain Goat'. I've been guiding trekkers through St. Lucia's landscapes for decades. From the peaks of the Pitons to the depths of our rainforests. I can't wait to share the magic of my island with you.

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  • Mervin is the GOAT!

    January 2024 Petit Piton

    I hiked the Petit Piton with Mervin the Mountain Goat! He was awesome!! He did a great job of guiding us through the hike and allowing us to pace. He was incredibly patient and knowledgeable which made me feel very safe at all times. He’s also an awesome guy and holds the record for the fastest time up the Gros Piton (up and down in 58m!). This hike is very hard but also very fun and even better with Mervin!

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