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    February 2023 Gros Piton

    I must plug our guide, Mervin the Mountain Goat! He was awesome! He kept things lively and fun, but most important - he was patient with me. We saw many guides far ahead of their group/not engaging. I highly recommend snagging Mervin if you can. I think he really loves Petite Piton, but does the Gros too.

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  • Gros Piton with the Goat! 🐐

    April 2022 Gros Piton

    One of the main reasons we chose St Lucia was for the opportunity to hike the magnificent Pitons. We were able to get the famous Mervin the Mountain Goat as our guide and he exceeded our expectations. We even got to meet his family as they were heading off to school, and his prized pig.

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  • Great Guide. Tough hike!

    February 2022 Gros Piton

    Mervin was a great guide. I had a tough time coming down the mountain and Mervin made sure I got down ok. He carried my backpack, poured water in my head, etc. He even called me later in the day to ensure I was ok.

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  • Hike the Pitons with Mervin and Maya

    January 2021 Gros Piton

    Mervin the Mountain Goat and Maya are AMAZING! If you want the best guide on the island, contact Mervin. He took our family (6 people) up Gros Piton with Maya. Our group was all skill levels and they were both patient and attentive to our entire group. Maya held my daughter’s hand for a decent part of the hike and Willow adored her for it!

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  • Mervin the Mountain Goat

    2022 Mt Gimie

    Mervin & Chad guided us up Mt Gimie, highest point in St Lucia. It was pristine jungle climbing, primary tool was a machete. It was unbelievably beautiful, with a view of the entire island. We could even see Piton Fleur to the North, not to mention the main Pitons to our South. Nothing compares to these experiences.

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  • Mervin the Mountain Goat

    April 2021 Petit Piton

    Back in St Lucia again. Saw a sign for Mervin the Mountain Goat the last time we were there. Called him. He guided us up the Petit Piton. It was fantastic! He is a wonder. He must climb this thing twice a day. The greatest thing about it is its beauty. If you're going to the Lesser Antilles to climb (You're Silly), this is the place to be, and Mervin is the one to lead you. You will not be disappointed.

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  • Really Challenging, But Worth The Views - Hire Mervin As Your Guide!

    September 2023 Petit Piton

    Our resort didn't offer any excursions to hike Petite Piton because it's so difficult, so we reached out to Mervin the Mountain Goat after reading so many positive reviews here on Trip Advisor. Mervin really is the G.O.A.T of Petite Piton. He knew every rock and where to step, and it didn't even look like he was breaking much of a sweat the entire time.

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  • LOVED the Petit hike and having Mervin the Mountain Goat as our guide!

    March 2024 Petit Piton

    The Petit Piton climb is one of my favourites yet! Mervin the Mountain Goat is truly the GOAT. He was really fun and very helpful on the climb. We went at a good pace but he was super patient any time we wanted a break or to slow things down. I highly recommend Mervin as a guide!!

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  • Mervin is the GOAT!

    January 2024 Petit Piton

    I hiked the Petit Piton with Mervin the Mountain Goat! He was awesome!! He did a great job of guiding us through the hike and allowing us to pace. He was incredibly patient and knowledgeable which made me feel very safe at all times. He’s also an awesome guy and holds the record for the fastest time up the Gros Piton (up and down in 58m!). This hike is very hard but also very fun and even better with Mervin!

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